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Orange Fennel Botanical Syrup

Previously our Nettle Orange syrup.

Versatile and dynamic, this Orange & Fennel combo packs an herbal powerhouse of a punch for an adventurous cocktail or iced tea.

The potent flavors of fennel and anise combine with the earthy offerings of nettle and coriander for a happening splash of the old school flavor.

+ This is a favorite with Rye Whiskey & Dry Cider.
+ Get creative and bring spice to the table by using as a glaze for lamb & fish.

Orange Fennel Cocktail Recipes 

Bottle Size: 9 oz & 17 oz

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Nettles, Orange Extract, Fennel Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Anise Seeds, Lemon Juice, Citric Acid

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alan Arena
Awesome Taste!

This syrup makes for a great summer cooler! I just add it to clear sparkling water for a refreshing drink! Try It!!

Genevieve Manfredo
Love it

Refreshing in tonic or club soda!

Annette N.
A must for everyone's wet bar!

A friend gifted me a bottle, which I drained too quickly, then mail-ordered two more; one has already been gifted to someone else! Quite a treat.

Rachel Shelton

Love my tea, tinctures And syrups!

Barbara Black

These syrups make cocktails and mocktails so special!

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