Comfort when needed. Make your own Chai Tea.

Colleen O'Bryant

How to Blend Chai Tea.  A simple guide for you and your family. 

The daily rituals of life are a beautiful way to create normalcy and connect to those we love.  When my heart is heavy, I seek out the simplicity of the earth and find what my soul needs for grounding, love and energy. Making your own tea blend offers a opening for creativity for yourself, your family, or your friends, and can truly be an opportunity for connection, warmth and love in a tea cup.

Basics of Chai Tea Blending

I keep two chai tea blends at the house in the winter. Some are chocolaty, some are really spicy, and one is energizing but it takes the same  five ingredients  to make the "chai" flavor in each tea. Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon chips, cloves and orange peels are my favorite flavor base. ow, this isn't the bulk of the tea — these are just the components I can't blend without.  

Then we get to the next level of creation:flavor profiles. For a energizing chai I grab an oolong or black tea to add to the mix and add orange peels.  For a chocolate chai I add roasted cacao shells and roasted dandelion.  For a spicy chai I'll add more ginger, allspice and smashed peppercorns.

The creative part is the taste testing and making that perfect blend to make a small batch start with a base mix:

Base Ingredients:

1/2 cup cinnamon chips (or cracked up cinnamon sticks)

1/2 cup crystallized ginger nubs (cut into smaller pieces if needed)

1/4 cup orange peels

10 clove pods

5 cardamon pods broken up

Add-in ingredients:

Bulking flavor agents:  1 cup cacao shells, 1 cup oolong tea .5 cup roasted dandelion root, chicory root or chaga mushroom.

Flavor boosters:  

1/4 cup orange peels, 1/4 cup coconut, 2 tablespoons allspice, 2 tablespoons smashed peppercorns (the red ones are my favorite)

Remember, every batch is different! Maybe you enjoy more orange flavors or more cinnamon - add and subtract as needed.

Taste testing.

For the first brew, i'll use my infuser or tea pot and make 1/2 cup of tea by adding two tablespoon of chai mix which is a little more than the normal ratio but gives you an instant flavor profile to add to..  Add in whatever you would like and brew one more time for your perfect blend.   Ease into it.  Add a milk and sweetener (or not) of your choice.  

Pro tip!  Make sure that you get a good sample of everything in your sampler tea.  

After you make your big batch think about doing a decoction with the blend, basically you take a 1/4 cup mix for 4 cups water and let it simmer on the stove for about 15 minutes - pour and enjoy.

*Herbal nerd side note decoctions are just slow boils of herbs that reduce and concentrated the flavor.  

Enjoy these grounding chai blends during these chilly days.  Green blessings of wholeness to you and yours.

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